How To Get Bulk Buy Toys For Under $100?

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Children all around the world adore toys, which is why billions of toys are sold worldwide. The toy industry is multi-billion-dollar, and wholesale toys are sold in large numbers. Retailers spend a large amount of money on wholesale toys; however, it is also possible to acquire bulk buy toys under $100.

Why do companies buy toys in bulk?

There are many reasons why retailers bulk buys toys.

  • Buying wholesale toys benefits a company, saving a lot of money on taxes. It is cheaper to pay import duty for a large container than for each item. It is why companies order wholesale toys from one business rather than ordering separately from multiple companies.
  • Retailers save a lot of money on shipping. Shipping investments remain similar regardless of the quantity of the products ordered.

Therefore, wholesale toy suppliers deliver toys at subsidized rates, sometimes as low as $100.

Wholesale Toys USA

Wholesale Toys USA is the leading wholesale toys business in the USA. Much of their success is owed to their excellent standard of quality and their tremendous customer service. Wholesale Toys USA offers the best prices and discount offers in the country. Customers can even bulk-buy toys for under $100. The reasons mentioned below are why Wholesale Toys USA can sell at such cheap prices.

  • Self-Manufacturers

Wholesale Toys USA builds every toy from scratch. Some of the best artisans in the country are employed at their warehouses, where they have their manufacturing area. The company provides the material from which the toys are constructed. Self-manufacturing helps them save a lot of money, as they do not have to import toys from elsewhere. It gives them the upper hand over competitors, who import toys from other companies and have to pay more to obtain their product, hence having to sell their toys at a more expensive rate than Wholesale Toys USA.

  • Savings on shipping costs

Wholesale Toys USA is a large entity that delivers its products directly to customers. The company has contracted shipment, which helps them safely deliver their toys at subsidized rates. They make their toys, so they do not have to bulk buy toys from other companies and save on import duty and other accompanying taxes. Wholesale Toys USA ships multiple orders in one go, meaning they have to pay less shipping taxes and costs, allowing them to sell toys under $100.

  • Business-to-Customer Approach

The company ships out its orders from its warehouse directly to the retailer, so they do not have to hire a broker. Hiring a broker is an expensive investment as some of the profit is allocated to the distributor, meaning less profit for the company. Directly dealing with customers is beneficial for the company in other ways, such as improving relations with customers who bulk buy toys. Customer service is the top priority for any company and having good relations with customers is one of the stepping stones to success.

  • Wide Variety of Toys

Wholesale Toys USA has a vast collection of toys for customers. The advantage of such a huge collection is that the company can offer customers toys of all price ranges. If the customer’s budget is minimal, they can choose some toys at the lower price spectrum. It allows them to bulk buy toys

  • Promotional offers

Wholesale Toys USA has a lot of promotional events all year round. They give huge discounts and offers to customers all the time, which allows them to bulk buy toys for under $100.


Wholesale Toys USA is an e-commerce store selling extremely subsidized toys, allowing customers to bulk buy toys for under $100. The reasons why the company can achieve this feat are mentioned above. To find out more about Wholesale Toys USA, visit their website at

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