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Enhance Your Home’s Prosperity with Feng Shui: Lucky Ornaments for the Entryway

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Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art of arranging objects to enhance energy flow, has been practiced for centuries to attract prosperity and positive vibes. The entryway, or “玄关” (xuán guān) in Chinese, holds special significance in a home as it is the closest area to the main door. In this blog, we will explore some auspicious ornaments that can be placed in the entryway to boost your household’s fortune and bring success to your endeavors.

Fengshui for the Entryway

According to the Feng Shui principles for the orientation of the entrance (玄关方位风水), here are the different positions and their interpretations:

East: The east is where the sun rises. Placing the entrance in the east allows the morning sun to enter, bringing positive energy into the house. Having the entrance in the east can also promote progress, development, and success. It is considered a favorable direction.

Southeast: If your home is used for business purposes, having the entrance in the southeast can enhance business prosperity and improve social connections.

South: The south is the direction with the strongest sunlight. Sunlight is considered the natural enemy of darkness and negative energies, so placing the entrance in the south can help avoid bad luck and enhance the homeowner’s reputation. However, one should be cautious as excessive energy from the south may cause imbalances, which are not desirable.

North: The north is a location with less exposure to sunlight and more yin energy. Placing the entrance in the north may require supplementing with artificial lighting to boost energy. It can be beneficial for people born in the years of Three Bing, Four Green, Six White, and Seven Red.

Northeast: This position is considered highly inauspicious. Avoid piling up clutter or shoes in this area, as it may worsen the negative effects. Adding more light and using wooden doorplates may help suppress the unfavorable energy.

Southwest: The southwest is not a favorable position for the entrance, as it can weaken the overall energy of the household. Over time, this could have adverse effects on both the health of the residents and the home’s good fortune.

Lucky Ornaments for the Entryway

Prosperous Pi Xiu for Abundant Wealth:

Pi Xiu, also known as “貔貅” (pí xiū), is a mythical creature believed to attract wealth and protect against negative energies. As per Feng Shui tradition, placing a Pi Xiu ornament at the entryway, directly facing the main door, can welcome wealth and abundance into your home. This auspicious ornament not only guards your finances but also promotes harmony, repels malevolence, and attracts benevolent connections and opportunities.

Invigorating Fish Tank for Prosperity:

Fish tanks are popular decorative items and are considered auspicious in Feng Shui for their ability to attract wealth and luck. Placing a fish tank in the entryway can help harmonize the energy entering your home and symbolizes the flow of wealth. Make sure the water level is visible, as it signifies the continuity of prosperity. Vibrant and healthy fish, such as goldfish or arowanas, are believed to magnify the positive energy and enhance your financial prospects.

Flourishing Lucky Bamboo for Career and Education:

Lucky Bamboo, or “富贵竹” (fù guì zhú), is renowned for its positive impact on career growth and educational pursuits. In the entryway, it can stimulate the flow of auspicious energy, attracting success and prosperity. For students, it’s particularly beneficial as it encourages academic excellence and improves performance. Placing four stalks of Lucky Bamboo can further enhance family prosperity and academic fortune.


Creating a harmonious and prosperous living environment is the essence of Feng Shui, and the entryway is a vital space to focus on. By strategically placing auspicious ornaments, you can welcome positive energy and abundance into your home. The Pi Xiu protects your wealth and attracts opportunities, while a vibrant fish tank keeps prosperity flowing. Additionally, Lucky Bamboo boosts career prospects and academic achievements, benefiting both adults and students.

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