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Enhancing Prosperity and Fortune: Auspicious Decorative Items for Your Living Room

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The living room is often the largest space in a home, serving as a central hub for relaxation and entertainment. In addition to essential furniture such as TV cabinets, sofas, and coffee tables, the living room is also adorned with various decorative items believed to bring good luck and positive energy. From the traditional Maneki-neko (lucky cat) to the auspicious Fu Shou San Xing (Three Star Gods), these carefully chosen decorations play a significant role in attracting wealth and prosperity. Let’s explore some auspicious decorative items that are perfect for your living room!

Wealth-Inviting Child (招财童子):

As the name suggests, the Wealth-Inviting Child figurine is believed to attract wealth and prosperity. Placing this charming ornament in the wealth corner of your living room can enhance its ability to bring good fortune and improve overall luck.

Fu Shou San Xing (福寿三星):

Representing blessings, wealth, and longevity, Fu Shou San Xing is a trio of deities associated with positive energies. Hanging a decorative painting of Fu Shou San Xing in the wealth corner of your living room not only attracts financial success but also promotes health and longevity for the family.

Qilin (麒麟):

The Qilin, a mythical creature symbolizing benevolence and longevity, is a treasure of auspiciousness and is well-suited for display in the living room. As a harbinger of prosperity and good fortune, the Qilin adds a touch of grace and positive energy to your home.

Can Jade Ruyi (玉如意) Attract Wealth in the Living Room?

Jade Ruyi, a traditional symbol of wealth and auspiciousness, is indeed an excellent choice for bringing prosperity to your living room. Its presence is believed to attract abundance and enhance the overall well-being of family members. Ruyi represents the fulfillment of wishes and desires, signifying that your aspirations will be granted. Besides its auspicious connotations, Jade Ruyi is also considered a precious piece of art, making it a symbol of taste and refinement when displayed in the living room.

Considerations for Placing the God of Wealth (财神) in the Living Room:

Many households choose to enshrine the God of Wealth to seek blessings for a prosperous financial future. However, there are some considerations to keep in mind when placing the God of Wealth in your living room. Depending on whether it’s the Martial God of Wealth (武财神) or the Civil God of Wealth (文财神), their positioning may differ. The Civil God of Wealth should not face the main entrance, while the Martial God of Wealth should face the main entrance. Proper reverence and respect are essential when enshrining the God of Wealth to ensure that it brings blessings of good fortune to the entire family.


Decorating your living room with auspicious items can bring positive energy and good fortune into your home. From the charming Wealth-Inviting Child to the graceful Qilin and the revered Jade Ruyi, each item holds its unique significance in attracting wealth, prosperity, and well-being. Additionally, the thoughtful placement of the God of Wealth can amplify its blessings for the entire household. So, consider adorning your living room with these auspicious decorations, and may you and your family be surrounded by prosperity and happiness!

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