Industrial Waterproof Connectors for Outdoor Security Surveillance

Outdoor security surveillance has become an essential technological tool for creating safe and livable communities in public places such as transportation routes, squares, airports, and residential areas. The demanding requirements of outdoor environments, including high-capacity data transmission and long-term stability, pose challenges for industrial waterproof connectors used in security surveillance systems. In this blog, we […]

Why Lingke YM Series Industrial Waterproof Connectors Has Good Anti-vibration and Shock Resistance

Connectors made of full metal material have outstanding anti-vibration and shock resistance. However, Lingke Electric’s YM Series industrial waterproof connectors, made of almost all plastic material, also meet high requirements for anti-vibration and shock resistance. Especially in applications that demand both corrosion resistance and a certain level of anti-vibration and shock resistance, the YM Series […]

Digital vs. Static Outdoor Billboards:How To Choose?

Advertising industry has evolved massively over time. Especially since technology is constantly advancing, this change is occurring even faster. For the larger part of history, static billboards have been popular in the advertisement industry. However, recently digital billboards have started to take over the market. This change has left brands wondering which ones better Compared to static billboards, digital billboards are new. […]

How to Choose Tennis Courts Lights Size?

If you are planning to run a tennis court, many considerations are needed.The design of a tennis court depends on many factors such as:tennis court ground, tennis court seine, and tennis court lighting. In this article,we will introduce the lighting design of the tennis court. The Size Of Tennis Courts The standard size of doubles tennis courts is 23.77*10.98 meters, and there […]

How to Choose Volleyball Court LED Light Size?

With the improvement of living standards, volleyball courts are also commonly used in schools, communities, parks, indoor gymnasiums and other places, especially in cities, where volleyball activities are also going at night, so volleyball court lighting design is an important option. How to choose volleyball lighting fixtures to increase the utilization rate of the sports field, ensure the illuminance of the field […]

How to Choose Badminton Court Lighting

Badminton is one of the most popular sports. Many people often go to indoor badminton courts for activities,and a good lighting design will bring customers more comfortable.Therefore,if you are badminton operators,you are planning to build a good light fixture system.You may want to know which light is more suitable for badminton courts? How to choose badminton […]