Why Lingke YM Series Industrial Waterproof Connectors Has Good Anti-vibration and Shock Resistance

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Connectors made of full metal material have outstanding anti-vibration and shock resistance. However, Lingke Electric’s YM Series industrial waterproof connectors, made of almost all plastic material, also meet high requirements for anti-vibration and shock resistance. Especially in applications that demand both corrosion resistance and a certain level of anti-vibration and shock resistance, the YM Series has become the preferred choice for many users.

Lingke Electric’s YM Series includes different sizes such as M20 and M24, and it offers power connectors, multi-pin connectors, RJ45 signal connectors, USB data connectors, and more. These connectors possess anti-vibration and shock resistance capabilities close to those of metal materials, making them suitable for environments that require both corrosion resistance and vibration resistance.

Balanced Performance: Almost Metal-like Anti-vibration and Shock Resistance

Industry experts state that the anti-vibration and shock resistance performance of a connector mainly depends on the mechanical strength of its housing structure, the wear resistance and strength of its internal contacts, and the reliability of its connection structure.

Lingke Electric has deep technical expertise and reliable quality. The YM Series products exhibit well-balanced performance in various aspects. Let’s delve into the anti-vibration and shock resistance performance of Lingke Electric’s YM Series.

Use of High-performance Imported Outdoor Engineering Plastics

The YM Series circular connectors from Lingke Electric are designed with a full plastic circular structure. The material used is the imported SABIC PBT357U high-strength engineering plastic, which has a tensile strength of up to 48 MPa and a flexural strength of up to 82 MPa. This material can withstand mechanical vibrations and impact loads to a considerable degree, making YM connectors reliable in such conditions.

Internal Contacts with Gold-plated Surface Treatment

The contacts of the YM Series connectors undergo gold-plating treatment, which enhances their wear resistance. During the operational lifespan, the loads of shocks and vibrations do not cause fatigue damage to the contacts, eliminating any occurrence of intermittent disconnections. The stable contact resistance ensures that the connector’s transmission performance remains unaffected. This enables the YM Series connectors to easily handle high-intensity vibrations and shocks.

Secure Locking Bayonet-style Connection

The YM Series waterproof connectors utilize a bayonet-style connection and a three-point locking structure. This design ensures a high-reliability connection even under high levels of external vibration and impact loads, preventing loosening or detachment.

Professional Anti-vibration and Shock Resistance Testing for Each Batch

To ensure that every batch of aviation connectors meets the required standards, the YM Series undergoes various professional tests to ensure that its anti-vibration and shock resistance indicators meet the relevant technical requirements. These tests include:

Vibration Testing: Vibrations at a frequency of 200 Hz with an amplitude of 5 mm in the X/Y/Z axes, each lasting for 10 minutes without any interruptions shorter than 0.1 μs.

Drop Testing: Free fall from a height of 1 meter, subjected to 20 drops from different positions.

Gravity Testing: Applying a force of 1113 N for 1 minute.

Ball Impact Testing: A 500 g weighted ball with a diameter of 50 mm free falls from a height of 1.5 meters, impacting the product three times.

By successfully passing these tests, the YM Series connectors meet the required anti-vibration and shock resistance technical standards. Their performance is comparable to metal-based products, as they remain undamaged or ineffective under high vibration and impact conditions. Moreover, the YM Series has obtained UL2238 and TUV IEC/EN61984 safety certifications, ensuring a high level of safety.

Due to these qualities, YM Series products are widely used in environments that require high corrosion resistance, as well as a certain level of vibration and shock resistance.


Lingke Electric’s YM Series industrial waterproof connectors, with their almost metal-like anti-vibration and shock resistance, provide a reliable solution for applications that demand high durability in harsh conditions. Whether it’s the use of high-performance engineering plastics, gold-plated contacts, secure locking structures, or passing rigorous testing, the YM Series exemplifies Lingke Electric’s commitment to delivering balanced and high-quality connectors for industrial needs.

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