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How to Choose The Best Wire Stripping Machine

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Machines are assets which are purchased for investment in the business or personal use. This is because machines bring a greater amount of return and profits. They make the task easy and less time consuming so that time is also invested in other productive activities. That is why we should be very particular and vigilant while choosing machinery or any electronic device. Quality matters a lot. Therefore, for choosing the best machinery suitable for your tasks you need to have some knowledge about it as well. You might get confused if you are a first-timer and as an initial buyer, there are chances of making wrong purchasing decisions.

The best suitable wire stripping machine should also be chosen wisely. You should know about the smart hacks or tips that what important features to look in a wire stripping machine. These small things do matter. They help you to know more about the technicalities. This is because in future you will more aware of any kind of technological advancements made in these machines. For this purpose, there have been some tips and methods discussed which tell how to choose the best wire stripping machine. These hacks also tell that which machine is the best fit for which size of the wire.

Tips to Choose The Best Wire Stripping Machine:

A good machine can make your work easy and in less time. You will be able to perform your tasks in time without getting much exhausted. A good machine will help you to produce more efficiently. For these reasons a good quality machine or tool might be extra-ordinary expensive but it can make huge profits covering the expenses and purchasing costs. Therefore, you should look for the following features while choosing the best wire stripping machine or tool:

Low Weight and Compact Size:

Always pick those stripping machines which are lighter in weight and compact in size. These features in the wire stripping machine will help you to insert more copper wires, making the insulator come off completely. They also make sure that there are no remains left while the scrapping of the plastic insulator. These machines are easy to handle and carry as well. They ensure that the user has a firm grip on the handles so that there are fewer chances of any kind of accidents or unnecessary cuts. So, Klein Tools are the best fit for this category. This stripping tool is loin cost but works efficiently. This type of machine helps to get into the tight spaces of the fine wire.


The wire stripping machine should have a lifetime warranty. They should be of good quality from a good company. Make sure that whenever you purchase a stripping machine there should be a warranty card given to you. This is because if there is any sort of minor or major issue experienced in the machine then you can easily take the warranty card as proof. This will allow to either exchanging the machine or buying a new one. Otherwise, you will not be able to fix the issue and let your investment in vain.

3. Flexibility and Convenience:

Make sure that the stripping machine you choose is convenient to use and flexible enough in bending the loops. It should be able to crimp the copper wire and remove the plastic insulator much smoothly that the other machines. There should be a proper grip in holding it. for this reason, you should always try a tester machine to understand the technicalities and the best gripping position.

Perfect Adjustments of the Screws:

For efficiently stripping the copper wires make sure the screws are fixed tightly and on the correct place. There should be a slide stop so that you can perform the task more efficiently and strip the wires in a bulk quantity. There should be no such material used which can cause rusting in one-time use only. Make sure that the nuts and screws provide sufficient flexibility when moving the handles of the tool or the machine. These screws should be fixed properly so that it does not come out while moving machines.

Spring and Non-Spring Versions:

These stripping tools and machines should be available in the spring and non-spring version. This will keep a balance in cutting or stripping the copper wire more efficiently. It prevents from deep scrapping of the insulation. If the plastic insulation is scrapped intensely it might make the wire weak or cut it from the middle. This may lead to wasting the wire and not being able to recycle or reuse it further. The spring and non-spring features also prevent any kind of accident while stripping the wire manually.

Should be able to Perform Various Tasks:

The stripping machine should be not only able to only strip the plastic insulator but also cut, crimp, bend and loop all sizes of wires. The machine or tool should be solid enough to handle 12 to 26 AWG wire. It should be strong enough to cut the solid wire easily without applying any extra force or effort. It should be able to manage different sizes of copper wires in bulk quantity to make the entire work efficient and increase the further production process. The blades should be sharp enough to smoothly scrape it without delaying any time.

7 Best Wire Stripping Machines 2022

1.StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripper Machine – Best Overall

Earlier, we talked about the importance of saving time. One of the best ways to save time is cut to the chase and reveal the best overall pick. In this case, that’s the StripMeister WSM001 Automatic Wire Stripper Machine.

This machine works without a motor (you just add a corded drill), and that cuts down on cost without cutting into its performance. And the aluminum body of the machine makes it sturdy and durable without adding too much weight.

On top of it all, this machine and its steel blade works well with braided wire and ROMEX wire that many other machines can’t handle. The one real issue with this machine is that it struggles a bit with older wire due to the soft and/or flexible casing.


Aluminum body

Spiral groove feeder

Steel blade

Can handle ROMEX and braided wire


Doesn’t work as well with older wire

2.SST Industrial Wire Stripping Machine – Best Value

It’s one thing to jump right to the best overall choice. However, many handymen are on a strict budget. If that describes you, then you’re probably searching for the best wire stripping machines for the money. And the best in that category is the SST Industrial Wire Stripping Machine.

We really love the complete metal construction: no cheap plastics, so you can count on the durability. And the tungsten steel blade provides killer performance for cut after cut. The adjustable wire guide is convenient and beginner-friendly, and we really love the 3-year warranty.

What keeps this machine from being our “best overall” pick? Like the StripMeister, this machine struggles with older wire. On top of that, it doesn’t work very efficiently unless you have two people (one to peel and one to feed). That’s bad news if you’re working solo.


Complete metal construction

Tungsten steel blade

Adjustable wire guide

3 year warranty


Doesn’t work well with older wire

Requires two people for maximum efficiency

3.BLUEROCK Wire Stripping Machine – Premium Choice

We often talk about our tools being investments. But what if you have a lot of spare money and want to invest in the best? If you’re looking for a solid premium choice, we recommend the BLUEROCK MWS-808PMO Wire Stripping Machine.

What makes this such a great wire stripping machine? In a word, “more:” it has more of everything you need. This includes 9 cutting blades and 9 cutter channels. And if you’ve got a big job on the horizon, this machine can cut a whopping 75 feet per minute!

There are really only two downsides. The first, of course, is the high cost. And the second is that some users had to adjust the spring tension occasionally when switching to different sizes.


9 blades

9 cutter channels

Cuts 75’ per minute


High cost

Spring tension must be adjusted on occasion

4.CO-Z WSMS025BL Electric Wire Stripping Machine

While it didn’t make the cut for our best overall choice, the CO-Z WSMS025BL Electric Wire Stripping Machine is a solid choice. And it makes for a great “starter” wire stripping machine.

It has the durable aluminum body we love to see in these machines. And it can handle a wide range of wires that range from 1.5 mm to 25 mm. The easy adjust handle is great for newbies, but we think even veteran handymen will enjoy the convenience.

With the ability to cut 50 feet per minute, this model is pretty fast. The only downside is that the machine only comes with holes for two different sizes of wires. This basically limits your feeding options during operation.


Aluminum body

Accepts wide range of wires

Easy adjust handle



Limited feeding options

5.Happybuy Cable Wire Stripping Machine

You might think the “happy” in the Happybuy Cable Wire Stripping Machine is a pretty bold claim. Will this machine actually make you happy? In all likelihood, the answer is “yes.”

The wire range on this machine (from 1.5 mm to 25 mm) is as good as some of the very best machines out there. And the included easy-adjust blade makes the whole thing very easy to set up. Finally, the steel frame constructions means this machine should last a good, long while.

So, what keeps this machine from appearing higher on our list? The company does not sell replacement blades, and that means there are hard limits to how many years of use you will get for this machine. And as much as we like it, the truth is that you can get more features at this price point with other models.


Accepts wide range of wires

Easy-adjust blade

Steel frame construction


Cannot easily replace blade

Overpriced relative to its features

6.PENSON & CO. Motorized Wire Stripping Machine

The PENSON & CO. WSM-AMWS-25 Motorized Wire Stripping Machine makes for a large and fairly colorful addition to your workspace. But is it enough for your different wire stripping needs? Affirmative!

With the ability to cut 60 feet per minute, this machine is surprisingly fast. And it is very easy to make adjustments so that every cut is more precise and accurate. Finally, the strong motor is easy to power: just plug it into any outlet and you are good to go.

There are really only two drawbacks to this model. First, it’s a bit expensive relative to its features. And second, some users report that it struggles with cutting smaller wires.



Easy to adjust

“Plug and play” motor


Expensive relative to its features

Struggles with smaller wires

7.Steel Dragon Tools Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

We saved the Steel Dragon Tools WRA20 Automatic Wire Stripping Machine for last on our list of reviews. But does that make it the least? Hardly!

This machine really impresses with its easy automatic operation. If you’d like to sit back and watch it work, you can! The steel body is durable and the adjustable tension is convenient. Finally, the fact that it can accept four different cable sizes plus ROMEX cables makes this one of the most versatile machines in the game.

So, why did this awesome machine not make the cut for our best overall choice? In a word, price. It’s too expensive for the budgets of many handymen, and for those who have the cash to burn, there are better premium choices.


Accepts many sizes of cables plus ROMEX

Automatic operation

Adjustable tension

Steel body



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