M12 Male connector VS M12 Female connector

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 M12 connectors are a versatile set of connectors designed for many uses. M12 connectors and cables come in different coding types. And all these coding types are used for a specific application only. Due to their other services, the different M12 connectors work differently to keep them separated so that no two connectors are mixed. The inventory at shine industry is the perfect example that showcases all the different M12 connectors and how they all differ from each other and work together simultaneously. One such difference between the M12 connector pairs is the M12 male connector and the M12 female connector.

Understanding the fundamental difference between male and female connectors

The terms male and female have confused individuals learning about connectors since they were invented. As we progress in this article, we can restate that confusion. The difference between a male and female connector in the engineering world can spell disaster for a project. This is because connectors must fit seamlessly to ensure no leakage or shortage. 

The male connectors – NO, it is not a gender-biased term.

When the uninitiated first learn about a male connector, some laugh it off as a “male” equivalent in the connector world. A male connector, be it an M12 male connector or any other, is referred to as a connector with a plug and a solid pin that works as a center conductor. Both the plug and the pin are integral parts of the connector. Without either, the gadget fails to work. Without the plug, the outlet is useless, and without the outlet, the pin is just two prongs.

The Female connectors- the counterpart 

Like the male connectors, the female connectors can have a different connection position on the wires and connection they are placed on. They can be attached to hardware, wires, or cables. Unlike their male counterpart, the female connectors have holes where the male connectors can connect. The M12 female connectors are sometimes called jacks and have a center conductor, but instead of a pin, it is a hole where the male connector pin can connect. The holes are threaded; in them, the male counterpart is inserted and tightened.

M12 Connectors – Finding the right fit for you

M12 connectors come in all shapes and sizes. They have different coding done to them that differentiates them. Some types include A-coded, B-coded, C-coded, D-coded, and X-coded connectors. These types are further divided into M12 male and M12 female connectors. The use of these connectors varies for every style. The male connectors are used as plug-ins, and the female counterparts work as the jacks for these plug-ins. The male connector typically provides the output from a specific device, and the female counterpart to that particular coded M12 male connector acts as the receiver. Figuring out what connector is the best for your project is critical. The wrong connector can cause errors and render a project moot depending on the usage of the connector itself.

How to use Male and Female connectors in unison?

The concept of male and female connectors is integrated into the lives of individuals from a very young phase of their life. One such example is when children play with tinker toys. The two snapping parts that join together often have one male and one female connector. The connector that you use depends on the application you need the connector for. Connectors are essential for connecting different appliances and to the power source. Plug-ins, electrical outlets, and wires are an example of the use of connectors in daily life.


The concept of male and female connectors has dumbfounded the most brilliant minds. Learning about the difference between the two is essential for any electrical system. Pitting one against the other is folly, as you can only use a male connector with its female counterpart and vice versa. And if you have already figured out the best connector for yourself but need help finding the suitable connector? The shine industry is the best place for you. Their inventory is unparalleled, and they are the top manufacturer and supplier of M12 connectors across China.

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